Friday, July 14, 2006

Peir Shen Lai - Friend Of MoB (1)

We are very lucky at MoB to be so centrally located as this means we get lots of visitors. As our visitors are so dear to us we thought it might be nice to let you know who they. So an occasional series will start today in which we will let you know a little more about them. It may be good for them and it will definitely be good for us because as they say, you are only as good as the company you keep.

Peir is a regular visitor. As a maker of jewellery himself he often likes to pop in and see what we are up to, get some advice, show us what he is up to and for general discussions about issues that affect us all.

I met Peir through QCA . We both took a casting class with Liz Shaw and Matt Dwyer . All of us MoB members know Peir (and are very pleased that we do) as a member of JMGQ.

For more images of Peir's jewellery and a (very sexy!) photo, check out his website.

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