Monday, July 03, 2006

Congratulations: Judith Brough

We have a winner in the MoB Workspace Somewhere Over the Rainbow Competition: Judith Brough was one of the 4 entrants who got the questions correct and was randomly drawn from the hat by our neutral helper, Miss Tina! she wins a lovely pair of Liana Kabel hair clips.
The correct answers were:
1. Name the 2 Brisbane icons that these rainbows above are on. The long lived Jo Jos restaurant and Stefan's Sky Needle/Stefan's HQ
2. Where are they (suburb is fine)? Queen st Mall Brisbane City and South Brisbane (NOT West End you silly duffers!)
3. What is the connection between them? Stefan Akerie hair dressing mogul/restauranter owns them both.
Honourable mentions to Anna Meredith, Michelle Walker and Vanessa Galloway whose highly researched answer betrays a librarian background. The rest of you- what were you THINKING!? Mind you, a special mention to the wicked Deb Mansfield for her hilarious but potentially defamatory answers that had us falling off our chairs with laughter.

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