Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Anna Varendorff - TYING US UP IN KNOTS

Anna Varendorff (Friend of MoB) is a young Brisbane jewellery with a very big future (mark my words!) and she very kindly offered to teach a group of us pearl knotting.
Last Thursday we took her up on the offer. Friend of MoB June Cullen who invests a significant amount of her hard earned cash on contemporary jewellery joined us for the class. She buys it, she wears it, she talks about it and now she has started making it. Good for you June, we would like to support you also.
Image above is of work from Anna Varendorff's Flight series - Sterling Silver Leaf Motif with Smokey Quartz Beads.


Liana said...

Jesika showed us her finished necklace yesterday and of course she did a fab. job.

Anonymous said...

buy all of anna's stuff now!