Friday, June 30, 2006

It's safer now

After a number of reports of maulings, these noble beasts guarding MoB Workspace at Brisbane City Hall have been caged. Still, it makes it safer for the kiddies in the school holiday season. And if you are offended at the thought of caged wild cats, there is usually an animal liberation protest going on nearby.

In truth, the lions have really been caged for the construction work going on in the square to make a hole for the new bus tunnel. However, don't let the digging deter you. MoBWorkspace is still open as usual and you can still see some of the old favourites in King George Square, such as King George himself sporting the distinctive banana headgear typical of his era and an astonishing variety of youth subcultures decorating the water sense garden.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Miss Tracey

Tracey Milne has taken the year off MoB to continue her studies. She is now half way there to adding Art Teacher to her long list of achievements. Good for you Tracey we know how hard you are working.

Tracey is still a part of MoB. During these school holidays she will be in the studio creating some more of her fabulous jewellery.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Jesika's Travelling at the Speed of Light

Being a part of the MoB workspace is an amazing experience. Not only does it provide a place to make jewellery but you are surrounded by inspiring people while you do it - very good for production of beautiful things.

There is also a wonderful atmosphere of sharing information. Last week I didn't know how to blog and now look at me go............ Rebecca also gave me an introduction to photoshop - now that's a fun time-sucker!!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Liana's Secrets

Liana Kabel's gorgeous vintage plastic earrings have been used to advertise Brisbane Marketing's "Deck of Secrets" shopping cards in various print media around the state including the current issue of City News. They are promoting the wonderful Craft Queensland Gallery/Store in Fortitude Valley where they are conveniently available for sale.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Workspace Expedition

At MoB Workspace we are not ALWAYS slaves to the bench and we are not ENTIRELY jewellery oriented either. We do like the occasional non-jewellery exhibition which is why on Friday night we are planning an expedition to cross the Brisbane River to the southside for Mel Robson's show 'Memento' at The Jan Manton Gallery, 59 Melbourne Street South Brisbane (next block up from the QLD art gallery). We love Mel's gorgeous papery porcelain vessels, so fine that they are translucent. She also has a great appreciation of jewellery! Exhibition continues until 15 July.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Inspector Rex is Called in

Unfortunately MoB Workspace has had to call in Kommissar Rex to investigate the theft of a valuable object. Rex is of course off the air for the World Cup and on holdays in Brisbane - resort destination capital of Australia. The disappearance of a $1 op shop vintage Tupperware container bowl used for storing polishing media has left us scratching our heads in confusion. Who out of all of the MoB Workspace residents could possibly have any use for such a plastic container and is it in any danger? Only Rex can solve this mind bender. He has been offered as much ham roll action as he can handle.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New Work Glimpse

As promised here are a few images of the jewellery currently on display in the MoB store. The work is by Rebecca Ward, Jesika Hanford and Liana kabel (in that order).

Monday, June 12, 2006

Who Has The Messiest Bench Of Them All

Liana - you win!

Can't we just call it CREATIVE like Bibi does.............?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Competition: Somewhere over the rainbow...

To celebrate the 17th Brisbane Pride Festival MoB Workspace is running a competition to win a pair of fun Liana Kabel Jack & John or Jill & Jane hairclips. ( picture above)

Whatever your sexuality, the Pride Festival is about showing your true colours and standing in solidarity with the gay and lesbian community to support diversity and freedom. As the symbol of Gay Pride is the rainbow and the theme of this year's festival is "Show Your True Colours" we have chosen the Rainbow in Brisbane as our theme.

You will need to answer these 3 questions correctly to go into the draw for the prize.
1. Name the 2 Brisbane icons that these rainbows above are on.
2. Where are they (suburb is fine)?
3. What is the connection between them?

Send an email with your answers and hairclip preference - Liana has also made Jack & Johns or Jill & Jane earrings especially for Pride. They consist of tiddlywinks, baby coathangers and sterling silver.

Closing Date Friday 30th June. Winners announced Monday 3 July.
Everyone's a winner though as MoB Workspace is also giving you the chance to buy jewellery made with Pride in mind by Liana Kabel, Jesika Hanford and Rebecca Ward at the MoB Store, Museum of Brisbane, King George Square open 7 days 10 - 5. Images of this work coming soon!