Monday, January 22, 2007

Looking for a Graduate Jeweller

Bibi Locke, now an associate was our grad jeweller in 2006

MoB Workspace is looking for a Graduate Jeweller for 2007.
The applicant should be a self-motivated graduate of the past 2 yrs from a tertiary jewellery program and the position is for 1 day a week studio access for a 6 month period between 1 April and 31 October (start/end date must fall between these dates).

Ph 3403 5518

Current residents: Liana Kabel, Jesika Hanford, Rebecca Ward.
Current associate: Bibi Locke.

1. Term: 6mths term for a recent graduate of a tertiary jewellery program
- reviewed after 2 months, then confirmed. The term is for 6months total falling between 1 April and 31 October – starting and end date can be negotiated.

2. Fee: There is a daily access fee ($10) due in cash on the day of access.

3. Access: 1 day per week in consultation with residents. A regular day each week (a Monday or a Friday) when a bench is available. There will be certain weeks during the year (eg school holidays) when benches are available for more days in the week and the graduate may be asked if they would like to come in for these extra days. As a casual, graduates will not be able to be in the workshop alone- a supervising resident must also be present.

4. Space: Workspace is small with 3 jewellers benches and basic equipment – mini torches, polisher, flexi drives, rolling mill, tumbler, ultrasonic, drill press. Casuals must bring their own handtools and ‘hot desk’.

5. Opportunities: As the graduate jeweller, you will be working with established practitioners in a supportive, friendly and motivated environment with good public exposure. You may be invited to take part in workspace activities- exhibitions, sales, training, promotions etc and at the end of the period a presentation of your work will be organised by MoB Workspace and MoB Store.

We are looking for someone who:

· can fit in with our schedule of available benchspace
· is self motivated and can work on their own individual projects
· has competency with workshop equipment and knowledge of health and safety procedures
· has good organisational skills and is tidy and considerate when using studio equipment
· is reliable, has good interpersonal skills - able to communicate well with the other workshop members and follow the reasonable instructions of the resident on duty in relation to health and safety and other workshop rules
· does not mind being on public view
· intends to do work that is compatible with the limited space, equipment and noise, chemical and fume restrictions – ie no etching, pitch burning, heavy forging etc.
· wants to build their practice to a profession (ie not a hobbyist)

To apply:

1. Contact MoB Workspace 3403 5518

Firstly, if you are unfamiliar with the MoBWorkspace, please make an appointment and come in and meet us and see the space. Then you will know if it might be suitable for your needs or not.

2. Then we will ask you to provide some more details about yourself –
· 1 page cv
· 1 page (or less) artist statement and description of what you would like to do with a MoBWorkspace placement, what you plan to make in the space, what projects you might have in mind, what your available days would be, when you are able to start doing the residency.
· 3 references (just names and contact details)

Deadline: 28 February. The selection will be made in consultation with MoB Store management in early March 2007.