Monday, December 28, 2009

MoB Sale

Above - a customer in action,
admiring our beautiful jewellery.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jewellery/Ice Cream Show - Liana Kabel

Hope you can come along!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cuff 2009 from the new series Reflections on technology

Friday, August 08, 2008

Rubber Exhibition

Resident jeweller Dan Cox has organised this fabulous looking Rubber exhibition! Fellow resident jeweller Renata Fogtikova has been working in the studio on some very interesting pieces for the show.

It should be a great show and we hope you will join us for the opening today.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

We're looking for a new Resident Jeweller!

MoB Workspace is looking for a new Resident Jeweller to come and share our studio.The applicant should be a self-employed jeweller with a tertiary qualification or with equivalent experience in jewellery making. The successful applicant will gain access to the MoB Workspace studio for up to three set days per week; on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The current Jewellers in Residence are Bibi Locke, Liana Kabel and Mark Vaarwerk. Renata Fojtikova is an Associate Jeweller, and Dan Cox is our Graduate Jeweller for 2008.

About the Residency:

1. Duration: ongoing; subject to a two month trial period.

2. Fee: There is a studio access fee of $10 per day, due in cash on the day of access; this will cover shared studio expenses such as gas for the torches, polishing mops etc. After the two month trial period the new Resident Jeweller will need to obtain Public Liability Insurance. At this time the access fee will be reduced, in acknowledgment of the increased commitment and responsibilities of being a Resident Jeweller.

3. Access: During the trial period the new jeweller will only be able to access the studio when a current Resident Jeweller is present. After the trial period, and once Public Liability Insurance has been obtained, the new Resident Jeweller can work in the studio independently, including at weekends if they wish.

4. Space: MoB Workspace is a compact jewellery studio with three jeweller’s benches and basic equipment – oxygen/LPG “little torches”, heated pickle pot, flexible shaft tools, polishing wheel with dust extraction, rolling mill, drill press and a tumbler. The new jeweller will need to bring their own hand tools and soldering board, which may be stored in the studio.

5. Opportunities: As a Resident Jeweller at MoB Workspace, you will be working with established and emerging practitioners in a supportive, friendly and motivated environment with good public exposure. There could be workspace activities that you will be invited to take part in – exhibitions, sales, training, promotions.

6. Aim: You will be working on your own projects; this may culminate in a presentation or exhibition of your work or could take the form of a jewellery collection for retail in MoB Store.

We are looking for someone who:

· wants to build their practice at a professional level (not a hobbyist)
· is self motivated and can work on their own individual projects
· is reliable, well organised, communicates well with the other workshop members
· intends to do work that is compatible with the space, equipment and noise limitations, and the chemical and fume restrictions – no etching, heavy forging

· has competency with workshop equipment and health and safety procedures
· is tidy and considerate when using studio equipment
· fits in with our schedule of available bench space
· and does not mind being on public view.

MoB Workspace Resident Jeweller application process:
Firstly, if you are unfamiliar with the MoB Workspace jewellery studio, please contact us and make an appointment to see the space to gauge if it is suiable for your needs and the nature of your work. Contact Bibi, Mark or Liana at MoB Workspace -
phone: 07 3403 5518 or email:

We require the following information:


Email address:

Phone number:

Preferred method of correspondence with MoB Workspace: Email □ Phone □

Please provide us with your:

□ artist statement – outlining your current practice and future plans.

□ project proposal – outlining of the type work you will be undertaking at MoB Workspace - no more than 1 A4 page.

□ artist’s CV – outlining qualifications, exhibition participation.

□ photographs (or digital files) of your artwork – no more than 10 images – please include title or description of work, medium and year of completion.

□ availability – indicate which days of the week you would like to access the studio, and note any planned leave for the year. Ideally the new Resident Jeweller will be available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and take four to six weeks of annual leave. MoB Workspace opening hours are 10am til 5pm.

Submit applications in person to:

MoB Workspace (via Mob Store),
Ground Floor,
City Hall,
King George Square,
Brisbane, QLD 4000.

Or email us your application: