Friday, June 30, 2006

It's safer now

After a number of reports of maulings, these noble beasts guarding MoB Workspace at Brisbane City Hall have been caged. Still, it makes it safer for the kiddies in the school holiday season. And if you are offended at the thought of caged wild cats, there is usually an animal liberation protest going on nearby.

In truth, the lions have really been caged for the construction work going on in the square to make a hole for the new bus tunnel. However, don't let the digging deter you. MoBWorkspace is still open as usual and you can still see some of the old favourites in King George Square, such as King George himself sporting the distinctive banana headgear typical of his era and an astonishing variety of youth subcultures decorating the water sense garden.


valdemar said...


I like your blog! will keep visiting!
check out mine if you want

MoB Workspace said...

checked out your blog and we love it - your experiments with copper look interesting.

valdemar said...

thanks! I have added your blog to my link collection along with alot of new artists (mainly from the netherlands and belgium) and some new galleries.