Thursday, June 15, 2006

Inspector Rex is Called in

Unfortunately MoB Workspace has had to call in Kommissar Rex to investigate the theft of a valuable object. Rex is of course off the air for the World Cup and on holdays in Brisbane - resort destination capital of Australia. The disappearance of a $1 op shop vintage Tupperware container bowl used for storing polishing media has left us scratching our heads in confusion. Who out of all of the MoB Workspace residents could possibly have any use for such a plastic container and is it in any danger? Only Rex can solve this mind bender. He has been offered as much ham roll action as he can handle.


Liana said...

OH CRAP! I think I did take that home. It has not been harmed in any way. I expect I took it along with the ceramic polishing medium so I could test polishing plastic with my home tumbler and I simply forgot it in the confusion that is my life! Call of the dog it will be returned ASAP.

Lilli&Tom said...

Rex is so good that the culprit confesses at the mere mention of his name. What a Dog!

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

that's ok liana but i was hoping you might have made it into something gorgeous by now so rex could hunt it down on the neck of some beautiful glamour queen and we could get into the newspapers!