Monday, November 20, 2006

Glam-r-Us Press Release

Glam-r-Us Opens 30 November 2006– download images here
Museum of Brisbane Store launches the exquisite jewellery of Jesika Hanford and Bibi Locke in an exhibition entitled Glam-r-Us on 30 November 2006. Also showcased is jewellery from MoB Workspace residents past and present: Liana Kabel, Tracey Milne, Marisa Molin and Rebecca Ward. The six jewellers from the collective studio in City Hall each take a different perspective on the theme ‘Glam-r-Us’ in conversation with the current Miss Australia exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane. All jewellery is for sale and there are Christmas gifts of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches catering to a diverse range of tastes and starting at $50.

Jesika Hanford, the newest resident has recently returned to Brisbane from New York where she worked as a jeweller. She has focused on the "Glam" aspect of the exhibition title drawing on the 70's era of lurex and glam-rock. Jesika says “As well as enjoying revisiting the glam rock era of my childhood, I wanted to explore the tactile and visual tension created by combining the hardness of metal with the softness of different fabrics.” To this end Jesika has used various “glam-rock” fabrics with titanium, silver, chain and lightning bolts as motifs to create street jewellery with class.

Bibi Locke, only 21 years old, is a recent graduate of Queensland College of Art and has created a stylistically glamorous body of work exploring the flowing lines that compliment the female form. Bibi says, "Working at MoB Workspace, the elegance of the new Miss Australia exhibition acts as daily stimulation. My debut range is all about timeless beauty, the designs extend from the natural contours of the body." Bibi’s intricate designs are finely saw pierced to allow light to pass through, enhancing the delicacy of the work. Her Miss Australia inspired jewellery is infused with classic feminine elegance.

Entitled Zen Glamour, Marisa Molin has created a series of randomly structured twig inspired sterling silver brooches, stickpins and pendants. Marisa has lived in Tasmania for the past 2 years completing her Masters of Fine Arts and Design. The dramatic climate change from Queensland has significantly inspired her work. This series is a reflection of the fallen deciduous branches that scatter on the forest floor.

Tracey Milne is coy about her Glam-r-Us jewellery, stating, “I am glamour.” She has an established history of creating works from recycled items or reinvigorating existing pieces. She has a reputation for producing unusual and imaginative pieces with a superior finish that are not only very wearable but also become cherished items – the new ‘heirloom’.

Liana Kabel’s recycled plastic jewellery is fully tuned into the 1950’s - when glamour was plastic. Liana says, “If it looks like a lolly, I like it” and this certainly holds true for her Glam-r-Us work. A recipient of a Brisbane City Council/Arts Queensland Creative Sparks Grant and noted blogger, Liana cuts her own creative pathways.

The Lucy Goes to Manhattan series of necklaces, earrings and bracelets by Rebecca Ward imagines the dreams of a small town girl as she astral travels to the other-worldly metropolis of New York City. The sparkling lights and art deco skyscrapers of New York are evoked in sterling silver and Swarovski crystal. Rebecca recently won an acquisitive award from the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery for her use of recycled materials in a range of jewellery based on the records of Nana Mouskouri.

Glam-r-Us will be opened by Jeweller, Patricia Harper
6pm – 8pmThursday 30 November 2006

Glam-r-Us continues until 31 January 2007
King George Square Foyer and MoB Store
Museum of Brisbane, Ground Floor, City HallKing George Square, Brisbane
RSVP Wednesday 22 November 2006
Phone 3403 4355 Email

MoB Workspace – further information

MoB Workspace is an artist-run collaborative jewellery studio in the heart of Brisbane’s historic City Hall. Nestled inside the Museum of Brisbane’s MoBStore, it gives the public a glimpse into the dynamic world of contemporary jewellery design and production. The current jewellers in residence are Jesika Hanford, Liana Kabel and Rebecca Ward with Bibi Locke an associate resident.

MoB Workspace was established in October, 2003, by Tracey Milne, Marisa Molin and Rebecca Ward with the support of Museum of Brisbane and the Brilliant Brisbane Jewellery Cluster, Brisbane City Council. MoBWorkspace artists showcase their cutting edge designs in MoBStore as well as other galleries and venues locally, nationally and internationally.

For more information, drop in to MoB Workspace 10am-5pm weekdays or contact:Jesika, Rebecca, Liana or Bibi
Tel: 3403 5518

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