Monday, October 16, 2006

Expeditions 2006

Two MoB Workspace residents are entering work in upcoming show and competition at Metalab in Sydney. The exhibition is initiated by our lovely suppliers, A & E Metal Merchants. We think it is great that they are organising a competition for their customers!

Jesika Hanford's beautiful piece is made with st silver and digitally printed fabric carrying images of 2 bridges: Brisbane's Story Bridge and New York's Williamsburg Bridge. Jesika use to live in NY before discovering the bright lights of Brissy. Rebecca Ward's Shark Shards necklace is made from fragments of old louvre glass collected from demolition yards and provides a commentary on global warming.

Expeditions 2006 Opens Thurs 2 Nov 6-8pm, the exhibition runs 3 November- 25 November. Venue details: Metalab

Coincidentally Liana Kabel is also sending new work to Metalab where she stocks her fantastic plastic. So all 3 of us will have our work down there one way or another!


Simone said...

Hi Rebecca. This work looks wonderful! I'm hoping I'll make it to the opening so I can see it first hand.

Thanks for your comments on my blog too - and sorry it's taken me so long to respond! Re my cornflakes ... I actually have eggs every day ;P

We should talk about JMGA-NSW and JMGQ newsletters and info sharing! I'm going to the meeting about a national group in Adelaide next weekend, so it might come up there too.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

ta simone- yes - i'm all for that! good luck for the national meeting