Friday, August 18, 2006

Jewellers In The Know

At MoB Workspace is it undeniable that we have a jewellery advantage. We are privileged to some real insider information through members, Rebecca Ward and Bibi Locke.

If you we not aware Rebecca is the editor of Paillon, which is the Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Queensland JMGQ informative quarterly newsletter. This means she is not only the first to know of breaking contemporary jewellery news for Queensland, but also Australia and the world (yes THE WORLD!). Although discreet at times she lets us know what is happening. We are definitely in the national contemporary jeweller loop. Oh yes indeedy.

If that wasn't advantage enough we are extra (yes EXTRA!) lucky to have Bibi working on the ground floor of the commercial jewellery world. Bibi works weekends at Myer (large Department store chain for our International visitors). What is hot right now? - Bibi knows, and what's better is that she let US know. Apparently nautical is in right now but before you know it the tide will turn and more feminine pieces will be the go. And before I forget charms are in, in, in, with a capital I N.

Regular updates to follow. If you NEED to know what is happening bookmark this blog now!!


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

thanks liana- you just reminded me that the sept issue is soon out.
I must say that editing paillon is a real glamour job but i fear that i should not hog it all for myself!!! Anyone else interested should let me know! and send all your jewellery and metal info to

Florence Forrest said...

I once bought a sailors cap, it was very IN at the time. I never wore it, but once, and I thought it was a big mistake. So much for following the treads. I'd rather invent them have people think I'm strange and then have the bragging rights later. But no sailors suits please! (unless your 5 yaers old or less, of course).